Aero-Glide 16 fl oz
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Aero-Glide is a one-step waterless dry wash formulated with a blend of deep cleaners and light oxidation removers to produce a true one-step cleaning, detailing and polishing solution that leaves a high gloss protective finish on aircraft and other vehicles. Aero-Glide's hard protective coating reduces surface friction and exhaust stains.

  • Easy on, easy off. No water necessary
  • No need to pre-clean vehicle prior to use
  • Removes light surface oxidation on most finishes
  • Provides mid-term (approximately 3-4 month) protection against UV, exhaust soot and other grime

Aero-Glide meets several airline certifications, including:

  • ASTM F484-008 (2013)
  • ASTM F519-13
  • AMS 1650C
  • ASTM F502-08 (2013)
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. P
  • Item #: 65303

Aero-Glide 16 fl oz

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