CorrosionX Grease tube
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CorrosionX is now available in a high performance, multi-purpose, extreme pressure rated NLGI #2 grade premium grease. Suitable for the toughest marine environments, CorrosionX Grease thrives where other products fail.

Engineered for maximum shear stability, film strength and heavy shock-load performance, CorrosionX Grease offers unsupassed wear and extreme pressure protection. CorrosionX Grease is the product of choice for automotive and extreme pressure applications in marine, construction, mining, agricultural, logging and hauling industries. 

  • Superior resistance to corrosive and saltwater environments
  • Extended equipment service life
  • Prevents seizing and galling
  • Outstanding "no-drip" high temperature performance
  • Proven low temperature pumping characteristics
  • Environmentally responsible

CorrosionX Polar Bonding Technology inside!

  • Premium base oils provide proven oxidation resistance and unsurpassed performance in marine and freshwater environments
  • Over-based calcium sulfonate complex thickener maximizes pumpability, water resistance and high drop point
  • Superior anti-wear additives to lubricate and prevent wear
  • Synergistic corrosion inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion
  • Advanced extreme pressure additive package handles high carrying and shock loads.
  • Item #: 96801-X12

CorrosionX Grease 15 oz. tube (display case with 12 tubes)

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