Handi-Spray BeltPak plus NAVAIR specified application wands.
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Handi-Spray™ NAVAIR BeltPak System was developed on behalf of the U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for an efficient and convenient means of applying Corrosion Prevention and Control (CP&C) compounds such as MIL-PRF-81309G CorrosionX Aviation and NavGuard, as well as other cleaning and maintenance liquids to aircraft.

System includes

  • Regulator / Atomizer assembly
  • Reservoir Tank (1 quart)
  • Web Belt and Holster (to wear Reservoir Tank on hip)
  • Hose and Spray Gun with quick disconnect fitting to attach wands
  • 1" Cricket Wand with 45 degree fan spray pattern
  • Hook Wand for spray access through weep and rivet holes
  • 3' Wand, 1/4" with 360 degree spray pattern

System runs optimally on 1-3 CFM shop air at 60-80 psi.

  • Item #: 10108N

Handi-Spray™ NAVAIR BeltPak System

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