Pro Wash RX 1/2 gallon
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Pro Wash RX is a super-concentrated, pH balanced premium shine enhancing soap designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes. Pro Wash RX contains special rinsing agents that help eliminate spotting and streaking.

  • Specially formulated to gently clean aircraft and vehicles of all types. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Safe to use on exotic materials such as aluminum, magnesium, Plexiglas, carbon fiber, etc.
  • Creates a luxuriant, long-lasting sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift dirt away.
  • More shine with less streaks

Pro Wash RX is the perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts, including: cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and airplanes.

For heavier soils and degreasing, use Corrosion Technologies' Xtreme Clean. For removing carbon and exhaust soot stains from aircraft, use Corrosion Technologies' Exhaust and Carbon Remover.

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Pro Wash RX 1/2 gallon

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