Tent Brite 30 gallon
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Tent Brite is a water-soluble, non-flammable cleaning concentrate with biodegradable surfactants that removes dirt, grease, oil, exhaust soot, rust marks and other common stains from fabric structures (including canvas, plastic and vinyl surfaces). Tent Brite is safe to use on fabrics, vinyl, cordage, plastics and most metals.

  • A powerful cleaner and degreaser that’s gentle on all fabrics and finishes
  • Quickly and thoroughly removes grease and grime
  • Brightens paint
  • Safe to use on exotic materials such as carbon fiber, natural and synthetic fabrics, etc.
  • Neutralizes acids (such as bird droppings and acid rain) 
  • Item #: 28002

Tent Brite 30 gallon ($19.50/gal)

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